HWH-1750SC Rack type Hot plate welder
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Machine introduction

HWH-1750SC hot plate machine is mainly composed of main frame, upper and lower moving plate assembly, advance and retreat hot mold assembly, outer frame assembly, lifting movable door assembly, pneumatic components and electrical components. The main frame is formed by welding the left and right frames and the upper and lower chassis respectively, and is assembled with the left and right frames and the upper frame based on the chassis. The up and down moving template is driven by the servo motor to drive the upper and lower opening and closing movements, and at the same time, the upper and lower fixtures are driven.

The hot mold is driven by the servo motor to drive the gear and the rack to drive the hot mold to move forward and backward horizontally on the guide rail. The electrical control adopts programmable PLC and man-machine interface operation panel, etc., which realizes the automatic control and humanized design of the machine.

Hot plate welding process three stages


The two parts are brought into contact with the heating plate. Heat is transferred to the weld ribs to soften them. Also known as the "hot melt stage."

turn on

The component is removed from the heating plate and the heating plate is retracted therefrom. Also known as the "interval phase."


Put the components together and apply pressure until the weld cools. Also known as the "pressing phase"

SC (gear) series hot plate machine overview

The SC series hot plate machine is the most accurate hot plate welding machine on the market. The three-axis servo drive is professionally programmed to provide precise speed and displacement control. Precision gear racks drive three-axis motion. The up and down movement is driven by the left and right dual power, which is suitable for welding large products. The frame structure is designed for high stability and long service life.

Excellent plastic welding performance attracts customers from all walks of life around the world. Servo-driven hot plate welding is suitable for applications requiring robust welding, hermetic sealing and components with complex geometries.


1.3 Axis servo drive: The upper and lower plates and the heated plate provide fast and accurate speed and displacement control for consistent and consistent welding.

2. The mold quick change system, automatic clamping jaws, easy to remove and install the mold.

3. Record the previous 50 cycle data, providing an accurate history of monitoring quality.

4.32 sets of product welding parameters storage, allowing effective setting and adjustment of process parameters.

5. Siemens PLC and color touch screen HMI provide intuitive machine control.

6. Chinese and English dual language.

7. The automatic teach mode eliminates the guesswork of the initial process setup.

8. Multiple temperature control zones; maximum temperature: 500 °C to maintain isothermal heating tools.

9. Heated tube burnout and open circuit thermocouple monitoring can be stopped in the event of a fault.

10. Thermal expansion compensation technology maintains the center position of the heating tool while allowing thermal expansion.

11. Interlocking pneumatic safety doors with safety barriers protect the operator from heating tools and machinery.

12. Top mounted, ducted, steel hood, 12" diameter vents connected to the air venting system to safely drain any gas from the welding process.

13. The internal lighting illuminates the internal working area.

SC series hot plate machine model and specifications



Equipment   dimensions

W1950 L2700 X H3050


equipment   weight



Template size

L1060 x W600

L1750 x W600

Welding   maximum length rubber parts



Front door   opening height



Maximum   distance between the upper and lower moving plates



Upper moving   plate moving distance



Lower moving   plate moving distance



Hot mold   moving distance



Number of   temperature control zones



Mold   replacement direction



power supply

3-phase AC380V   50HZ

3-phase AC380V   50HZ

AIR supply




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