HWH1020 Pneumatic hot plate welder
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HWH-1020 hot plate machine is mainly composed of bottom frame, upper and lower mold clamping assembly, advance and retreat hot mold assembly, mold assembly, lifting movable door assembly, pneumatic components and electrical components. The chassis is assembled by channel welding. The bottom plate sits horizontally on the plane of the chassis, and the four guide columns support the top plate. The upper and lower moving templates are driven by the large cylinders to open and close, and simultaneously drive the upper and lower fixtures. The hot mold cylinder pushes the hot mold to move forward and backward horizontally on the guide rail. The electrical control adopts programmable PLC and man-machine interface operation panel, etc., which realizes the automatic control and humanized design of the machine.

Main technical parameters

Machine model: HWH-1020

Workbench area: L1020 x W380

Dimensions: L1550 x W1420 x H2900

Total weight (KG): about 3000KG

Power (KW): 45KW

Operating voltage: 3-phase AC380V 50Hz

Welding principle

The hot plate type plastic welding machine heats the hot plate by electric heating, respectively melts the welding parts of the upper and lower workpieces, presses the upper and lower rubber parts together, and fuses the upper and lower rubber parts together after solidification.

Transmission mechanism

The HWH-1020 machine uses a human-machine interface with PLC control to perform all actions through pneumatic components. After the gas source passes through the gas source triple piece at the top of the machine, it directly enters the gas storage tank at the top of the machine, and then the gas storage tank is divided into the pneumatic components.


1. The three shafts are driven by cylinders, wherein the hot plate advances and retracts by means of a rear swing arm.

2, PLC, man-machine interface (7 inch) using Mitsubishi brand

3, pneumatic parts mainly use SMC brand. The electric square is branded as winsten.

4. Fast loading and unloading mode at the back end of the equipment. The top of the machine is equipped with gas storage.

5. The mold clamping cylinder controls the gas path: 2 molds on the upper mold and 3 plates on the lower mold; vacuum gas path: 2 on the upper mold, using a vacuum pump.

6. The medium mold reserves the function of pumping hot air and uses a vacuum generator.

7, the upper and lower mold gas electric plug automatically and quickly connected, with mold recognition function (8 kinds)

8, 12 groups of temperature control, temperature control module PID control (up and down a total of 12 groups), each group of heating tubes with current monitoring.

Scope of application

Suitable for hot plate welding of two plastic parts (especially suitable for the cover of the lamp). Welding glue pieces up to about 600mm

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