HW-3510 Handheld Welder
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1. Ultrasonic Riveting/Stacking:

Ultrasonic energy is strengthened and transmitted http://images02.cdn86.net/kps01/M00/C1/E3/wKiAiVNokcWHchxuAAAJ9nb1aqo476.jpgby the horn to plastic probe to melt it and form it into designed riveting shape, by which it can fix the other parts (can be plastic or metal) stable. It is with advantages of high capacity, beautiful stacking out-look and firm stacking performance.




2. Ultrasonic Spot Welding:

http://images02.cdn86.net/kps01/M00/C1/E3/wKiAiVNokceAlnIeAAAJFkXRuZ8991.jpgUltrasonic energy is strengthened by the horn and focused on the tooth of the horn the melt one plastic part through and stick to the other part. It is used for plastic assembly which can have jointing line at the jointing area due to plastic product design condition limit. Ultrasonic Spot Welding is with the advantages of high capacity and high welding strength.

1)Gun type and handheld type design to meet different processing requirement
2) IGBT system to ensure machine durability
4)Digital transmission function
5)Automatic frequency self-checking at start-up to protect the ultrasonic system
6) HMI
7)Overload protection
8)QC display

Model: HW-2810U/HW-3010U/HW-3510U
Power supply: AC 220V
Dimension: 400*250*120mm
Frequency: 28K/30K/35K
Power: 1000W
Weight: 5KGS




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