Multi-head ultrasonic welding machine
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The main purpose:

Welding, embedding, riveting, spot welding, molding, etc.

Applicable industry:

Automotive categories: various lamps, water tanks, dashboards, batteries, filters, etc.;

Appliance industry: washing machine balance ball, steam iron, etc.;

Motor industry: pressure valve, pressure gauges, etc.;

Other industries: toys, chemicals, environmental protection, and other large-scale irregularities that must be watertight, airtight, and high-strength products.


¢ can be used for plastic parts with complex structure, not limited by the size of the workpiece, can achieve multi-angle welding (riveting), according to process requirements can be divided into multiple processes to complete.

     ¢ Each ultrasonic unit has an independent structure and can be individually adjusted for position and adjustment of ultrasonic operating parameters (eg pressure, time, depth, etc.).

     According to the needs of the product, each ultrasonic unit can select the appropriate frequency system (such as 28KHz, 20KHz, 15KHz).

     ¢ You can use the appropriate station transfer method according to your needs to ensure fast and accurate transfer between stations and increase production efficiency (such as linear guides, turntables, etc.).

     ¢ Use human-machine interface or industrial control system for people's dialogues, which is easy to operate and conducive to production management.

     ¢ We can design welding (riveting) depth test as needed.

     ¢ Safety door design and grating safety protection are adopted to ensure safe operation and reduce noise.



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