Hot Plate Welder HWH500S
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HWH-500 Series hot plate welding machines are designed and manufactured by HORNWELL ULTRASONIC for weld challenging plastic parts with principle of hot plate welding. Machine motion is forced by pneumatic cylinders and controls temperature by PID independently. It is equipped with PLC for machine control and applies HMI for machine setting. Depends on condition, operator can choose operate machine under automatic mode or manual mode.

HWH-500 Series hot plate welders are widely used in automotive industry and household industry, such as for wisher tank assembly, oil tank assembly, ironers cover, etc.


Production Speed: 40~50 second per Cycle

Electronic Source: AC380V 3P 50Hz

Power Consumption: Max 16KW

Current: Max 45A

Overall Dimension (L*W*H) : 1550*W1080*H2200mm

Compressed Air: L0.5~0.7Mpa

Hot Platen Size: Max to L450*W355(mm)

Space for upper jig and Upper Hot Platen: Height 400mm

Space for Lower Jig and Lower Hot Platen: Height 540mm

Motion Force: by Pneumatic Cylinder

Temperature Control: PID * 4 PCs

Parts Holding Method: Both Vacuum &Clamp Functions are available

Control and Operation: PLC and HMI  

Operation Mode: Automatic & Manual  

Vacuum Method (Alternative): Vacuum Generator or Vacuum Bump


Features / Function;

1) Joint plastic parts with hot platen, with advantages of high welding capability, high welding strength and air-tightness;

2) Machine controls upper jig, lower jig and hot platen with independent cylinders, affording high precision control;

3) Machine motion guide by linear guide rail and linear guide rods and detects motion position by sensors, affording high alignment accuracy;

4) Independents PID units for upper hot platen and lower hot platen enables stale temperature controls with lower tolerance;

5) Shake absorbers are applied as machine motion stoppers to alleviate machine shake generated during machine running;

6) Safety protection system consists of optical fence, safety door, E-stops, double start button, detection sensors and alarm system protects safe operation all around.


Automatic Operation Process

1. Manual load plastic halves by the operator

2. Press “parts clamp” Button

3. Cylinders or vacuum pads clamp the parts

4. Press two “start” buttons

5. Hot plate Moves forward

6. Upper jig descents and lower jig ascents to heating position

7. Heat melts jointing line of plastic part

8. Upper jig ascents and lower jig descents to home-position

9. Hot plate moves back

10. Upper jig descents and Lower jig ascents to fusing position

11. Keep pressing for re-solidification

12. Upper jig releases plastic part

13. Upper jig ascents and Lower jig descents to home-position

14. Lower jig release plastic parts

15. Take out final welded part, cycle time finishes

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