Hot Plate Welder-Pneumatic Horizontal Hot Plate Welder
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Machine is applied to assemble plastic parts with hot plate welding procedure. Comparing to vertical hot plate welder, horizontal machine is different in the machine construction to realize jointing motion as horizontal moving, meaning machine jigs move leftward & rightward.

Horizontal hot plate welding HWH-1150L-B mainly consists of machine frame group, left jig, right jig, middle jigs, left hot platen, right hot plate and electric control cabinet. During operation, middle jig is stable while left jig and right jig moves left & right, and the hot plate move up & down or forward & backward. Machine motion is forced by pneumatic cylinder guided by linear guide rods.

This machine model is suitable to attach two plastic parts onto a same one part at its terminal. This machine is widely used in automatic industry, household industry and electronics industry.


Machine specification:

Machine ID: HWH-1150L-B

Electric Source: 380V, 3P, 50/60Hz

Pneumatic Source: 0.5~0.7 Mpa

Overall Dimension (mm): L2390*W1455*H2432

 Max Working Square: W400mm*H1145mm

Left/Right Jig Cylinder Stroke: 300mmS

Hot Platen Cylinder Stroke: 450mm

Operation Window: W930*H1270

Power Consumption: Max to 22KW

Motion Forced: By pneumatic cylinders

Temperature Control: By PID, 6 Units


Features / Function:

1) Machine can be used to attach two plastic parts onto one same part at its terminals simultaneously, increasing production capacity and reducing cost;

2) PLC controls machine & HMI setting affording automatic machine running sequence & easy operation;

3) PID temperature control affording stable melting temperature in high accuracy;

4) Heaters are equipped with indicators for working supervision;

5) Optical fence and safety doors avoid dangerous operation;

6) Alarm system informs machine’s present manner in both audition & sight;

7) Alarm message displays on HMI help easy error solution.


Operation Process
1. Put three plastic parts into related figs

2. Press Start Key;   

3. Clamps fix parts by cylinder or vacuum;

4. Heat platens move ascend and then moves to middle jig;

5. Left Jig and right moves to heat platens;

6. Keep melting;

7. Left jig and right jig move back to home-position;

8. Heat platens moves back to home-position;

9. Left jig and right jig move to middle jig and keep press three parts together under pressure;

10. Clamps/vacuum release parts;

11. Left jig and right jig moves back to home-position;

11. Manual remove final product from machine

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