Spin Welder-Orientation Spin Welding HWP-150
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Spin Welding is a type of frictional welding technique with a circular-axis joint for thermoplastic which is capable for high jointing strength and air-tightness.

 HORNWELL Orientation Spin applies servo electrical motor to control rotation fixture for spin welding in high precision, comparing to normal electrical motor spin welder, it has advantages of high precision for orientation matching between two plastic halves, and comparing to pneumatic orientation spin welder, it provides with much higher welding power, affording much higher welding capacity and welding strength.

 HORNWELL Spin Welder applied pneumatic cylinder for welding heads elevating and realizes soft-landing during operation through gradation pressure control. Machine head moves guided by guide rod and adjusted by screw lever, with advantage precision of moving and positioning.

Orientation spin welder by servo motor is suitable for thermoplastic jointing in big diameter whose design requests orientation.


Model: HWP-150

Power Source: 380V AC 5P 16A

Pneumatic Source: No less than 0.5MPa

Power Consumption: 3500W

Welding Capacity: ¢150m

Overall Dimension: L800*W800*H2025


Function & Features:

1) Servo motor applied, machine operation in orientation spin welding with high power output;

2) Welding head elevates guided by guide rod and adjusts level by screw lever, afford precision motion and positioning;

3) Control the pressure for welding in separately steps, strengthening welding;

4) PLC control machine motion sequence, set machine on HMI, affording easy operation in precision running.


Operation Process:  

1) Set machine on HMI;

2) Load lower plastic half into lower fixture and clamp it firmly by lower fixture module;

3) Load upper plastic half into upper fixture and hold it firmly by upper fixture module;

4) Press START button;

5) Upper fixture rotates driven by servo motor;

6) Welding heads descends driven by cylinder;

7) Upper fixture keeps rotation to generate friction between two plastic halves at jointing surface under controlled pressure;

8) Rotation stops and keep compressing two plastic halves together for re-solidification under pressure;

9) Upper fixture release plastic part;

10) Welding head ascends to original level driven by cylinder;

11) Release plastic product by lower fixture module and take out finial product.

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