Pneumatic high speed rotary welding machine
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Applicable Products:

Dehydration vessel, auto filter oil filter cup, water spray connector, hot water bottle gas bladder, insulation cup, spherical toy, paint canister, insulation pan, filter heart, buoy. PE, PP, nylon, PET, round tube or filter.

Pneumatic High Speed Rotary Machine HWP-150H

Rotary welding machine welding strength, up to water vapor density. Machine design meets ergonomic mechanical design, simple operation and stable quality.

Product Features:

Precision machine design, with the principle of high rotation friction, makes the workpiece tightly welded.

According to the sample material and size, design different specifications of the machine.

Strong welding strength, up to water and airtight.

Ergonomic mechanical design, simple operation, stable quality.

It is also possible to design a positioning rotary welding machine based on the requirements of welding positioning of workpieces.

The use of high-speed rotation of the air motor welding, speed can reach 8000r/min.

The use of rotary encoder tracking dynamic detection of machining depth and accuracy to ensure product quality.

Use optical eye tracking to detect artifacts and avoid human losses.

The machine is controlled by the PLC and it is easy to operate by using the man-machine interface.


    power supply

 Air pressure

   Power consumption



AC220V 50HE 

 4-6 bar



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