Ultrasonic Garment Equipment-30K Rotary Ultrasonic Sewing Machine HWR3010
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Rotray ultrasonic sewing Machine HWR-3010  machine makes use of ultrasonic system with 30KHz frequency. Comparing to traditional ultrasonic sewing machine, rotary ultrasonic sewing machine applies a disk-like horn to work together with roller for sewing or cutting, machine system transmits ultrasonic energy at edge surface of horn instead of at the terminal surface. During sewing / cutting, horn and roller rotate at the same direction. The sewing/cutting roller ascends & descends forced by a pneumatic cylinder. This machine model is suitable for sewing & cutting on material. The ultrasonic sewing pattern width can be max to 10mm depends on fabric material.


Machine Model: HWR-3010                            

Overall Dimension: L1200 x W580H x 1100m       

Worktable: L1200W x W540 x H770

Power Source: AC~ 220V 6A                              

Compressed Air: 0.5 ~ 6.0Bar                                

Effective Sewing Width: 1 ~ 12mm                                   

Sewing Speed: 0~10 Meter/ min                       

Ultrasonic Frequency: 30KHz                                        

Ultrasonic Output: Peak value 800W                       

Weight: 130Kg  



1. 30K ultrasonic is out of human audible frequency, machine is health friendly and environment-friendly;

2. Roller and horn rotate at the same direction affording easy cloth running control, sewing/cutting is straight with no wrinkle;

3. Roller cylinder stroke limit is control by adjusting knob in high precision, adjustment is easy;

2. Machine control horn rotation speed and roller rotation speed independently by two speed adjustors;

4. Two pedals for easy operate. Small pedal is use for the elevating of ultrasonic horn, another big pedal is use for the running of roller and ultrasonic.


Operating Process

1. Place the materials between horn and roller

2. Step the small pedal to descend the roller

3. Ultrasonic roller press the material on the horn

4. Step the bigger pedal to start the roller and ultrasonic

5. Machine seal and cut the materials with the ultrasonic

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