Tilt type multifunctional ultrasonic sewing machine
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As a new design by Hanwei Ultrasonic, it mainly completes processes such as seamless sewing and cutting fabrics, and it has plastic optical fiber with ultrasonic technology. Widely used in the apparel industry, such as bras, underwear, sportswear, isolation cloth, surgical gowns and so on.


Model: HWR-2005X Speed (no load): 0 ~ 12m / min

Size: L1180 * W490 * H1410 Welding Width: 1~8mm

Workbench: L650 * W400 * H967 Power Supply: 220V 6A 1P

Compression: 6KGS / cm2 Power: 1400W

Motor: 40W * 1 25W * 1 Frequency: 20KHz

Weight: 150KGS


1. With the innovation of ultrasonic technology, sewing products are waterproof, airtight, neat and beautiful, without rough edges.

2, advanced mechanical structure, to achieve flexible operation. More corresponding to different products. The performance is as follows:

A) Achieve flexible sewing;

B) Overlapped sleeves with cantilevered design, capable of welding trousers, sleeves and other casing processes;

C) With the tilt and rotary horn design, the fabric does not wrinkle, and the process of welding direction can be more accurately achieved.

3, free to use with the board, the application of a more versatile design.



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