Surgical gowns isolation equipment
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This product is used for the production of surgical clothing, isolation clothes welding process, more compatible with the company's 2015 and 2815 features, a multi-purpose machine, is ideal for garment processing equipment.

Special feature:

The operator's desk is made of high-grade splint CNC machining, and removable insert design makes the machine more versatile;

Robotized design, easy to operate;

The flower wheel can be changed according to different patterns;

The special flower wheel level adjuster adjusts the flower wheel level quickly and easily;

Can operate at high speed for a long time and improve quality and production efficiency;

Flower wheel and HORN special hardness treatment, long life, high wear resistance;

Spiral adjustment is used to ensure stable pressure. The spacing between the flower wheel and Horn can be adjusted to adapt to different materials.

Application scope:

Isolation clothes seam welder adopts the principle of ultrasonic, and completes the seamless sewing of non-woven fabrics through welding, welding and spot welding.

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