Surgical gown manufacturing machine
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This product can be used for the production of isolation clothes and surgical gowns. This product is also able to complete the printing and welding functions of the lace machine. It is an ideal garment processing equipment.

Note: The function and operation of the two surgical operating machines are basically the same, except for the difference between the type I and type L machines

The functions and features of the first and second models:

1. The machine frame is made of profiles and wooden pallets to reduce the weight of the machine.

2. The machine head adopts split type, with a firm structure, easy installation and replacement.

3, the machine welding head adopts the cylinder drive, the screw positioning adjusts the lifting stroke of the welding head.

4. The machine adopts split type, which is easy to install, adjust, replace, and reduce maintenance cost.

5. The machine adopts the mounting structure of the welding head on the lower flower wheel to ensure the horizontal rotation of the flower wheel and adjustment of the welding head.

6. After the machine, the pressure roller makes the output of the welded product more smooth.

7. The machine adopts an independent control panel to facilitate the adjustment and observation of various parameters of the machine.

8, the machine uses a set of ultrasound systems.

9, the machine uses a set of speed control motor to control the flower wheel speed.

10. The machine adopts two groups of foot switch controls. The first group controls the cylinder head up and down of the welding head; the second group controls the rotation and ultrasonic emission of the flower wheel.

11, the machine adopts stepless speed regulation, the machine production speed depends on the material, the operator's operation proficiency.

Second, the machine parameters:

1. Machine model: HWG-025i / 025L

2. Dimensions: 750*620*1200mm(L*W*H)

3, table: 750*620*1200(L*W*H)

4, frequency: 20KHz

5, motor: 60W*1 (flower wheel)

6, power: 220V-6A-1P

7, the output power: 1200W

8, welding width: 1-10mm

9, the maximum speed (empty): 0-18M/min

10, air pressure conditions: 6KGS/cm2

三、The machine applies products and materials:

Applicable Products


Applicable Products




Window (bath) curtain


Telephone sets




Knit products

Knitted fabric




Nylon, Tedoron


PP non-woven fabric

Tent Travel Bag


(Umbrella) lace


Bed Covers


Christmas goods and other products

PE+ cloth
PE+ paper PE+AL

Fourth, the machine applies functions: 

The HWG-025i / 025L standard lace machine produced by our company mainly has the following six functions:

1, printed lines, welding two kinds.

2. The pattern flower wheel of the above functions can be customized according to customer needs.

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