Filter bag maker
  • 产品介绍

Model Number: EGB-2014A

Ultrasonic filter bag machine has high productivity, good efficiency, stable quality, easy reloading and easy operation.

Product specifications:

Ultrasound: 20KHZ / 1,400W

Air pressure specifications: 5kg/cm2

Machining size: • Minimum: 110 x 190 mm

Maximum: 165 x 265 mm

Capacity: the largest. 100

Power supply: 220V AC 1P 30A

Dimensions: 5,200L x 1,150W x 2,000H (mm)

Product Features:

Specializing in the production and processing of non-woven sink filter bags, tea bags, drug kits and other related products.

High productivity, good efficiency, stable quality.

Easy to change material, easy to operate.

Applicable products: tea bags, medicine bags, kitchen filter bags and other related products.

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